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The development, production, layout of the media.

Corporate publications (magazines, newspapers) — are an effective tool for development and management business. 
Not least of when you create a successful corporate media, electronic publishing, magazine, newspapers are: 
concept, developed in accordance with the printing and preferences of the target audience of media, corporate identity 
edition, the original magazine or newspaper design and layout, effective and interesting content (Content). 
Which focuses on interest readership and a company that represents and positioning edition 
(magazine, newspaper), as well as quality printing performance edition.

Publishing Studio «Corporate Periodicals» - a team of young, energetic, talented people, creating interesting Fresh projects
in the design and layout of corporate publications, magazines, newspapers, Internet media, WEB site management systems.
Pipeline projects are becoming bright unforgettable appearance, leaving pleasant experience, totally getting the job done.
We are full of ideas from initial concept design of corporate publications (magazine, newspaper) to translate into reality the project
full-cycle services from design and pre-press publications to deliver copies. 

Corporate Company Periodicals works in the areas of: 
  • Issue of corporate media and periodical magazines, newspapers
  • events media (newspapers, magazines)
  • WEB-corporate sites
  • Corporate Identity
  • Design for magazines and newspapers
  • DTP and layout for newspapers and magazines
  • printing
  • Advertising and PR

The main focus of promising companies is the development and creation of external and internal corporate communication.
Develop corporate publications, printing media design, layout of magazines and newspapers.
The development and introduction of modern systems for monitoring and management. 

The company includes 4 main divisions: 
1. Marketing and advertising (specialists in public relations, WEB-marketing, advertising specialist and Marketing)
2. Department of Design and layout (designers, artists, verstalschiki, WEB-developers)
3. Drafting Division (journalists, editors, proofreaders, photographers)
4. Production Department (consultants for printing, logistics, economics). 

For each of the divisions set out basic functions. Thus, effective system of communication and organization
workflow. Projects design, typesetting, printing performance of corporate newspapers and magazines (SMI).
Governance is based on statistics. 

Company Corporate Periodicals works on the principles: «confidence» and «reliability», adopted at the international market. 
We are working on «fair exchange».

Our credo: 

  • The development of corporate ideology and culture.
  • Improved marketing communications.
  • Individual information field for your business. 

We are creating information, which is working on the well-being and success of our customers' business!

Our superiority: 

  • Responsibility.
  • The originality and freshness decisions.
  • Versatility. We always find solutions, the best ratio of «price-quality», advantageous for the client.
  • Work «turnkey» the idea to translate it into reality by our team.
  • Our company is committed to long-term business relationships and personal approach to each client.
Corporate Periodicals